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Scaled up the monthly Sales from $80,000 to a whopping $136,000 within 1 month, achieving 70% growth in the overall sales of the store.

The goal was loud and clear, scale up the sales keeping the spending ideally the same or proportionally lower than other sales growth.

Challenges Identified:
Dealing with the account of such high revenues is all about working on the Fine Lines for PPC optimization, great attention to minute details, identifying minor issues, and resolving them in a timely manner!

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How my Expertise Lead to 57x Revenue Transformation

The brand was attracting enough customers but the highly competitive nature of the Amazon marketplace made it difficult for the brand to stand out of the market leaders. However, the brand had an amazing product with a lot of returning customers. The product was just not reaching as many as it should have been.

Marketing Strategies inconsistent with Growth: The brand’s existing marketing strategy was yielding good sales but was not optimized to maximize Revenue growth.

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Achieving $100K/M in less than a year

A “Home & Kitchen “ Brand aimed to reach a sales target of $100,000 per month in 1.5-2
years time.
The project faced challenges in terms of demand, competition, low click-through rates and low
To achieve this target, I worked on improving various aspects to maximize their revenue and
achieve sustainable growth in a 7-Month Period.