Want to become another Success Story?


Challenges Faced

Achieving the target was not a piece of the cake. There were numerous significant challenges in the way:

  • Ranking & Listing Issues: Rankings were a mess, with certain product variations not appearing in search results and confusing variation titles causing customer confusion.
  • Insufficient Running Keywords: Despite PPC campaigns, the chosen keywords failed to drive sufficient, relevant traffic to the listing.
  • Poor Ad Quality: Resulted in low click-through rates which was badly affecting the overall Advertising Revenue.
  • Poor Listing Quality: Resulted in low conversion rate. There was no video on the listing, the images were also average and the listing copy was also not good.
  • Lack of Keyword Segregation: In a niche market, the brand had difficulty in differentiating well-performing search terms from underperforming ones, impacting effective allocation of the advertising budget.

Plan Of Action

I crafted a comprehensive plan to address all the brand’s challenges, focusing on these pivotal points:

  • Listing Improvements: Improved listing titles, bullet points, and descriptions by incorporating important search terms, redesigning images, and implementing Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for an enhanced customer experience.
  • Thorough Market & Keyword Research: To find potentially profitable Keywords to incorporate in our Advertising Campaigns and to find the competitors we can run “Product Targeting Ads” on.
  • Current Campaign Revamping: A comprehensive overhaul of all the campaigns segregating low-impression keywords from Phrase campaigns and running them independently based on search volume.
  • New Keywords Testing: Conducted extensive tests on new root keywords within Phrase campaigns to identify more relevant search terms.
  • Targeting High-Ranking Keywords: Keywords with first-page rankings in Phrase campaigns were targeted to obtain good search terms with low cost-per-click (CPC).
  • Optimization of Top-Performing Search Terms: I identified high-performing search terms within Phrase campaigns and subjected them to rigorous testing in Exact campaigns to enhance rankings and boost conversion rates (CVR).

Results I Brought

Here’s a glimpse of the remarkable results I achieved:

  • Highly-Relevant Keywords: Our extensive research and analysis identified highly relevant keywords related to the brand’s product which were seamlessly integrated into the listing content, search tags, and titles, leading to a substantial SEO improvement.
  • Top-performing Search Terms: My proactive SEO strategy, constantly fine-tuned to emphasize high-traffic and conversion-generating search terms, brought notable improvements in Conversion Rate (CVR) and Revenue.
  • Comprehensive Sales Growth Strategy: I developed a comprehensive sales growth strategy with precisely targeted advertising campaigns to bring our sales growth vision to life.
  • TACOS Optimization: To ensure cost-effectiveness, an ambitious target was set for the Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACOS) to remain below 8%. Continuous monitoring and optimization has helped to maintain a TACOS below 5% which is well below the target while still driving unprecedented sales for the brand.