The goal was loud and clear, scale up the sales keeping the spending ideally the same or proportionally lower than other sales growth.

Challenges Identified

Dealing with the account of such high revenues is all about working on the Fine Lines for PPC optimization, great attention to minute details, identifying minor issues, and resolving them in a timely manner!

During the thorough Account Audit, we identified that:

  • The client is also facing severe logistics issues and wrong inventory projections which was making the cash-cows OOS again and again, causing the product to get deranked and leaving the BSR disrupted.
  • Listing Content had prohibited terms which triggered Amazon for Listing suppressions and constant demands for the certifications
  • Poor Images caused low Click-through rates and low Conversion Rates.
  • Irrelevant Backend Search Terms were the main cause behind poor indexing and ranking of the products

Steps taken to make this a Success:

  1. Got the required certifications arranged (which were causing the constant suppression of the listing) from the manufacturer and submitted it to Amazon.
  2. Excluded the prohibited Keywords from the listing bullets and backend search terms which were constantly triggering Amazon to take down the listings.
  3. I replaced those prohibited claims by creating some Questions regarding these Features in the ‚ÄúCustomer questions & answers” section of the product listing. Moreover, we added an infographic in the EBC/ A+ Content to cover the features e.g., Bio-degradable, eco-friendly etc.
  4. Invested heavily to completely revamp all of the listings, their images, content, and EBC.
  5. Performed totally new keyword research catering to the existing data of PPC and collecting the external data points.
  6. Following a custom PPC strategy created a number of new campaigns, for some high-value proven SKUS created the campaigns on the minute level for each keyword and each match type to keep absolute control over each keyword. Kept tapering off the old underperforming campaigns until the new ones started to over-perform those.
  7. Created Videos for each high-selling product and started video ads, the conversion of which remained astonishingly high.


Initially, the ACOS went a bit higher due to the increase in spending and the addition of a number of new keywords, but eventually, all turned out to be absolutely phenomenal we were gradually able to:

  • Scale up the sales from 80K to 136K,
  • Keeping the ACOS maintained around 10%
  • PPC Sales increased from $6,755 to $16,960 with just a nominal increase in ACOS