Challenges Faced

Competitive Brand: The brand was attracting enough customers but the highly competitive nature of the Amazon marketplace made it difficult for the brand to stand out of the market leaders. However, the brand had an amazing product with a lot of returning customers. The product was just not reaching as many as it should have been.

Marketing Strategies inconsistent with Growth: The brand’s existing marketing strategy was yielding good sales but was not optimized to maximize Revenue growth.

Poor Targeting:

Irrelevant and broad match keywords were targeting non-interested audience. The brand was only not utilizing “Sponsored Brand Ads” at all.

Plan of Action

To tackle the challenges faced by the brand, I implemented a launch strategy of multiple variations (in the same Niche) consisting of the following steps:

Identifying and Launching Relevant Product Variations: I identified four in-demand variations of the top-selling product and launched them under a single parent ASIN to streamline the product listing and offer more options to potential customers.

Merging New Variations with Existing Listing: I merged the new product variations with the existing listing (which had overwhelmingly positive reviews) to increase the visibility of the new products.

Aggressive PPC Campaigns for New Variations: To take advantage of the “honeymoon period,” I started aggressive PPC campaigns for the new product variations to increase visibility and drive sales.

Ensuring Compatibility with Amazon’s Merging Policies: To ensure compatibility with Amazon’s merging policies, I downloaded and analyzed category flat files to ensure that the new product variations were correctly merged with the existing listing.


The variation launch strategy led to several overwhelmingly positive outcomes for the brand:

Revenue Got Sky-Rocketed: The brand experienced a 57x revenue increase (during the span of 18 months) due to multiple winning products, significant visibility and overwhelming customer interest in the newly launched product variations.

Niche Dominance: The brand received the “best seller” badge due to increased traffic and hundreds of 5-star reviews on the listing, making it a Niche leader.

Off-Amazon Awareness Campaigns: I implemented a series of highly targeted social media campaigns to raise brand awareness and reach potential customers more effectively.

Upselling Opportunities: The brand was able to increase upselling opportunities, resulting in higher profits even if one of the variations did not generate significant profits on its own.

Better Keyword Targeting: The most suitable product variation appeared for specific search queries, leading to better keyword targeting and search result relevance.